Surveillance & Security Fencing

We provide tailored video surveillance solutions to meet the highest performance standards and to cater for client requirements ensuring it meet its standard. Our tailored solutions cover:

  • Network architecture and video servers
  • Wireless network configuration that avoids costly cabling and allows large-facility coverage
  • Day/night and conventional interior cameras, wide-dynamic public view monitors
  • Remote access via Internet or intranet
  • Video analytics & Intrusion systems integration
  • Scalable system designs that allow growth and enhancement without jeopardizing initial investment
  • Surveillance

    We offer security fencing solution applicable for residential gated community, commercial complex, schools, warehouse, government facilities, hospitals, stadium and other perimeter fencing requirements. We carry range of products such as:

  • Welded fence
  • Chain-link fence
  • Anti-climb Fence
  • Barbed-wire
  • Razor Barbed Tape
  • Security